New work in progress – “The Picnic”

Seems long overdue, but this next while I will devote myself to figurative work.

I’m looking to complete works in acrylic, but will start out with small studies using gouache on coloured mat board. I will just see where these studies take me. This painting is based on a treasured family photograph taken 45 years ago. Wonderful project to be working on.  You can follow this work on my Instagram @catherinemarthaholmes.

The aim is to go for a much larger painting or paintings in the end.

Detail from “The Picnic” ©Catherine Martha Holmes 2019

Poppy – Lest We Forget

Watersoluble oils on canvas, 6″ X 24,”

The finished painting and some of the process behind it. This poppy came up in my garden a short while back. A moving still life to work on. Lest We Forget.

‘Poppy’ – Water Soluble oils on Canvas, 6″ X 24.” ©Catherine Martha Holmes – All rights reserved


Poured Watercolours Workshop

Poured Watercolours with Catherine Martha Holmes

A course for Beginner and Continuing students of Poured Watercolour.

(There are still 2 spots available!)

Venue: Sybil Andrews Cottage, 2131 South Island Highway (Willow Point) Campbell River, BC.

Wednesday Mornings, 9am – 12pm, March 28th – April 25th, 5 classes in total.

Cost is $140 with a $30 Supply Fee*

A Little Westie I Know
‘A Little Westie I know’ ©Catherine Martha Holmes All Rights Reserved 2013

Poured watercolours is the art of layering transparent watercolours.  For this class we will be using Dr. Ph. Martins Hydrus concentrated liquid watercolour.

We transfer/draw our image onto stretched watercolour paper, that has also been stapled to a watercolour board. A Watercolour board is provided for the duration of the class.

3 – 4 layers of paint are needed with drying time between each layer.

The painting is created by preserving the different values of a composition using Pébéo drawing gum between each pour.

(Please note: Pébéo Drawing Gum does contain latex and can be an allergen to someone with a latex sensitivity or allergy.)

Preserving lightest values first, middle, middle to dark and finally darkest values.

This class will be open to 3 Beginning students and 3 Continuing students.

Spaces are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

I will keep a waiting list for future classes

*Please note an itemized supply list will be emailed out to all students. Some students may already have some of the listed items and can choose to purchase only what they need.

Discovering what’s new with Corel Painter 2018!

Here is a fun image I created a number of years ago using  Corel Painter IX I think it was.  I recently upgraded to Corel Painter 2018 and have been greatly enjoying all of the new brushes, papers etc. offered. I am looking to simulate the layers in my Poured Watercolour paintings, it will take some figuring – I will be posting my results here as I puzzle it out.  But for now here is one of a series of illustrations that focused on the myths surrounding cold weather(for Up Here Magazine, Up Here Publishing).  Follow the link to view more illustrations: IllustrationsTheColdTruth,2,Jan:Feb2007,UpHereMagazine,UpHerePublishing

Stone Portraits 2017

Thrilled to have my 2017 Stone Portraits, work in progress on display in the Satellite Cases at the Campbell River Art Gallery, Campbell River, BC. I will be adding to this series from March 31st – May 17th, 2017. My thanks to Curator Julia Prudhomme for the beautiful layout and for the invitation to show this work.
“My daily Stone Portrait paintings of 2017 are an extension of my series ‘I Navigate by You,’ of 239 paintings(not yet exhibited) completed after the death of my Dad, a Master Mariner in 2015. Where that work, honoured people connected to my life, their names hidden beneath the paint, these new paintings are often influenced by current events Worldwide.

IMG_6493 2

Seed by Seed – Water Soluble Oils on Canvas.

I find I am posting most images on Instagram these days, but wanted to share a bit about what I have been up to here for those of you not on Instagram. These days I’m needing to paint full time. Will share stuff now and then.

If you have any questions please use the contact sheet, I try to respond in a timely fashion.

Cheers! Catherine

Seed by Seed…slowly my painting is taking shape. Using Winsor & Newton Artisan water soluble oils on canvas.
View from the palette.