Stone Portraits 2017

Thrilled to have my 2017 Stone Portraits, work in progress on display in the Satellite Cases at the Campbell River Art Gallery, Campbell River, BC. I will be adding to this series from March 31st – May 17th, 2017. My thanks to Curator Julia Prudhomme for the beautiful layout and for the invitation to show this work.
“My daily Stone Portrait paintings of 2017 are an extension of my series ‘I Navigate by You,’ of 239 paintings(not yet exhibited) completed after the death of my Dad, a Master Mariner in 2015. Where that work, honoured people connected to my life, their names hidden beneath the paint, these new paintings are often influenced by current events Worldwide.

IMG_6493 2

Published by Catherine Martha Holmes

Catherine is a painter and published illustrator living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

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